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Multi-Objective Black-Start in CPES

Multi-Objective Black-Start in ICT-reliant Renewable Energy Systems


This project aims at developing a rapid recovery method for ICT-reliant energy systems after a wide-area power loss. A so-called black-start requires delicate coordination between the ICT network, on the one hand, and the power grid, on the other hand. This is challenging, particularly in future multi-modal energy systems, which require flexible control of energy (power) generation and demand thus yielding specific requirements for the communication system — which is a power consumer itself and dependent on guaranteed power quality. In case of a black-out, the communication network and the power grid have to be brought back to an operational state in parallel — with both systems delicately interacting with one another.The resulting multi-criteria optimization problem that is investigated within this project is oriented at sequentially resupplying generators and consumers — adhering to power system stability constraints. The recovery sequence itself influences the properties of the communication system as well as the informational states (measurability and controllability) of the units such that maximizing the controllability of units during a black-start process becomes an important (potentially conflicting) goal.Within this project an autonomous multi-agent-based approach for solving this highly dynamic and interdependent ICT state-sensitive black-start optimization problem is researched.

Principal Investigators:

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lehnhoff
Prof. Dr. Hermann de Meer